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Online counselling has been an additional option to face-to-face sessions since the late 90’s and it is on the increase. For a variety of reasons many people see this as the right option for them: it could be your line of work, location, health issues, family commitments, or simply because it feels less daunting to do.

I have had very good experiences working online, both with clients I knew previously from face-to-face sessions, and with new clients. My preferred medium is Skype or similar applications for video calls. They are easy to use and permit a personal, direct and 3-dimensional encounter, including eye contact and body language. I also conduct telephone sessions but don't work per instant messaging or email.

In order to make the most of all sessions, please ensure that you are in a private and comfortable space, with a good internet connection and without interruptions or distractions. Confidentiality is essential also for online counselling,

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